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Safety IQ

Safety IQ Ltd is owned by Noel Boulton. Noel Boulton is a Health and Safety Professional with over 20 years experience in Health and Safety. Noel has worked in high risk industries including Civil Construction, Saw-milling, Drilling/Mining & Tunneling. Noel is experienced in auditing, systems development and safety culture growth. Noel’s strength is in the way he builds relationships and grows safety internally. Noel provides support to medium and small businesses in the Civil Construction and associated industries.


Noel Boulton served in the New Zealand Army for 20 years – retiring as a Warrant Officer Class One. Noel trained as a Vehicle Mechanic in the army and was in charge of the Engineering Wing of the Army’s Trade Training School. Noel served overseas and with different units within the army. 

Noel learnt the importance of sound leadership at all levels is essential for any form of high performance. Noel has bought this philosophy across in to Health and Safety. Without sound leadership – at all levels – effective health and safety is unlikely to happen.

“You will get the level of Safety Performance that you, as a leader, personally demonstrate you want”.