Your level of Safety Performance will always be the same as the Leadership you display.

The Challenge

Safety doesn’t seem to be working any more, incident rates are staying the same no matter what we do. We have systems in place, we conduct training regularly, and we put safety first. Yet we still have incidents happening, because procedures are not followed or equipment is used incorrectly, or someone just did not see a problem. And then the common solution when an incident happens is to write another procedure, increase supervision and re-train those who are already competent. None of these will work! Why? Because these incidents occur because of the safety decisions made and what influences safety decisions.

The Solution

The solution is in Leadership; individual and team leadership. Leadership is essential for all high performance – including safety. Leaders create the safety culture of their teams as well as the broader organisation. The day to day inter-actions with employees help determine whether safety is a driving value or a buzz word. Creating a vision, communicating effectively, providing timely feedback, and establishing trust and credibility are core components an effective safety culture and an effective LEADER!
Leader’s behaviours influence every aspect of a workplace – the physical environment, the workforce, and the systems and policies, which in turn, drive organizational safety performance.¬†Improving Leadership will not only improve your safety performance but also the productivity and innovation of your company.

Does Leadership Affect Safety Incident? You Bet it Does!