Our innate traits directly relate to our personal safety risk

We Are Not All The Same

The problem with traditional health and safety methods is that they are based on a premise that everyone is the same when it comes to health and safety, in that everyone starts at the same level of being unsafe and then goes through the same training, uses the same procedures and equipment and are now are equally safe!

We know that is not correct, we don’t need scientific studies to tell us that, we know it from our own experiences. We know across any workforce there is an uneven split of highly safe workers, normally safe workers and a group of workers that has more incidents that the rest.

It has been found that within any workforce there there is a group that is 4 times more likely to have an injury than the group that has the least amount of injuries and they are 11 times more likely to have a Recordable injury.

This poses the question WHY?

Personal Safety Traits

The reason why some people have more injuries that other is not because they are careless. It start with each persons innate (personal) safety traits. There are 4 safety traits that have the biggest influence on our safety behaviours, they are:

  1. Staying in Control
  2. Attention to your Environment
  3. Following Rules and Structure
  4. Exhibiting Caution

The unique combination of these 4 safety traits will determine the starting point of everyone safety attitude (or perception) which leads to their safety behaviours.

To improve safety you have to start with where individuals’ safety starts – with what their unique combination of safety traits are.

How do you measure someones Safety Traits?

Up until now there has not been a way of being able to measure an individual’s safety traits. The good news in now – for the first time ever personal safety traits are able to be measured and evaluated. For the first time ever we can understand individual differences when it comes to health and safety.

Not only can we now measure someones personal safety traits it is simple, quick and very accurate. An individual completes an on-line 30 minute assessment. Once completed an individual’s safety trait profile will be known and available to them. The profile we show under what circumstances the individual is most at risk and why – what are that persons safety ‘Blind-spots’. This is a break through in safety improvement.